The Loud & Clear VOIP Business Phone Solution

The Flexible and Affordable VOIP Business Phone Solution for Small Businesses

The Loud & Clear Cloud Hosted Phone Service has everything you need to give your small business the communications power of a large company. With the Loud & Clear VoIP business phone solution you get the advantages of multiple hosted voice connections, multiple users at the same time, cordless mobility, up to 8 unique numbers and numerous calling features. And with the Loud & Clear Cloud, our 24/7 services and support aren’t just best in class; they’re in a class of their own.

Affordable Price Plans Suit Your Business

Our low monthly rates are based solely on the number of lines you use (Other companies charge per user, ramping up their fees based on how many employees you have). Plus, with Loud & Clear you get simultaneous calling capability for up to 3 users, so your costs per user are greatly reduced. And to make sure our system fits your business perfectly, we offer an array of packages and options so you can choose the very best plan for your needs. Click here for packages and pricing.

High Quality Panasonic Hardware

Panasonic is a leader in business telephone systems.  The Loud & Clear Cloud VoIP business phone solution uses the newest model‚ th KX-TGP551 base phone with additional cordless handsets‚ the best technology available. It’s reliable, easy to use (plug and play straight from the box) and packed with advanced options. Click here for a rundown of the hardware.

Simple to Use, Rich in Features

The Loud & Clear Cloud is ready to use out of the box (just plug it into a Broadband Internet connection), and is easily configured online or by phone with our 24-hour support staff. But that’s not all. We host and provide advanced features through your Internet connection so you can access options like cell phone integration, auto attendant, music on hold and much more. Click here for a rundown of our packages and feature options.

Flexible System Adapts to Your Needs

Loud & Clear understands your need for flexibility. You can easily customize our hosted system by adding features, lines or new hardware when you need to. And should your business ever outgrow your VoIP business phone system, Loud & Clear is an industry leader in larger systems and will provide you with a seamless transition. Click here for our packages and flexible options.

10 Reasons to Choose a Loud & Clear Cloud Phone System

  • Reason 1
    It's one of the only cordless phone solutions on the market, meaning ultimate workplace mobility, whether in an office, on a retail sales floor or in the back of a repair garage or a warehouse.
  • Reason 2
    Both the hardware and the service are managed for you, meaning it's truly integrated. No blame game between the service provider and the manufacturer.
  • Reason 3
    Each hosted voice connection supports users for less cost than the competition.
  • Reason 4
    BIG business functionality, offering PBX features at a fraction of the cost of large PBX systems.
  • Reason 5
    Expandable system that grows with you; up to 6 cordless phones and up to 8 additional phone numbers.
  • Reason 6
    The perfect home-office solution: supports both business and personal use all on one device with one monthly service.
  • Reason 7
    Panasonic is the #1 supplier of small-business phone systems, meaning quality, reliability and innovation for you.
  • Reason 8
    Integrates with your mobile phone, so business calls will always follow you.
  • Reason 9
    24/7 customer support allows you to run your business 24/7.
  • Reason 10
    Easy to buy and easy to install. No complicated sales process or installation required. All you need is a broadband connection and an electrical outlet.